Our Chocolates


The aroma of violets in white ganache in a dark chocolate shell.

Salted Caramel Espresso Truffles

Delicious, indulgent and very very addictive. Need we say more..

Pink Champagne

A luxurious treat for any festive occasion.

Campari & Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit & Campari mixed with white chocolate for a refreshing taste


Multi award winning chocolate made with Japanese miso, in a milk chocolate ganache finished with a sprinkle of dried shiso powder.

Praline Crunch

Tasty crunch praline mixed with milk chocolate and sandwiched between white chocolate.

Raspberry Caramel

A soft raspberry caramel & milk chocolate  infusion

Passionfruit Hearts

A white chocolate fruity explosion.

Apricot & Camomile

Escape to the soothing taste of camomile balanced delicately with the sweetness of apricots.

Kir Royale

Sumptuous champagne truffles, hand-rolled in blackcurrant powder.

Peanut Butter on Toast

Rich milk chocolate and peanut ganache with toasted panko breadcrumbs.

Salted Caramel Truffle

Classic, liquid caramel flavoured with smoked Maldon salt.


Rich perfume scent of rose in a deep, dark chocolate ganache.


cream of coconut encased in a sumptuous dark chocolate shell.


A refreshing lime chocolate combined with hints of fresh mint to make the perfect cuban classic.

Academy of chocolate award silver 2017


A true classic rich, dark chocolate infused with pure Madagascan vanilla.

Mandarin & Star Anise

Sweet sticky mandarin and oriental star anise blended with milk chocolate to form a taste cultural revolution.

Champagne Truffle

Luxurious and classic, Marc de Champagne truffles, dusted with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Honey & Ginger

Milk chocolate ganache, blended with warming ginger and blossom honey.


Locally roasted Bean 14 coffee, blended with milk chocolate.


Bold, organic flavours and velvety textures.


A chocolate that tastes like it has just been plucked from the tree.

Praline Truffle

Smooth, buttery, handmade praline truffles gently rolled in a rich sumptuous chocolate blend to create a product of the finest quality and taste.

Banana & Cinnamon

Fresh banana & ground cinnamon, encased in white chocolate.

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